The Disappearing Beta

I was really shocked when I logged into this blog for the first time in three years to see people are still commenting!

I created this blog when I was a junior in college for a class of mine in journalism school. I sort of abandoned it after I moved back home for the summer. I’m sorry to say Steve died not long after we moved back in. My parents overfed her (their definition of “a pinch” of food and mine are very different, apparently).

I had another beta for a while that I adopted from a friend, Jasper, but he wasn’t the same. He was much less social around me than Steve. Jasper did take a liking to my mother, probably because she fed him while I worked two jobs for six months.

I still really miss Steve; she has a personality of her own, and she was the best roommate I ever had – quiet, that’s for sure! I’ve considered getting another betta, but only if I buy it as a baby. Maybe someday… I live in NYC now, and getting a fish home via public transportation is a little harder nowadays.

I’ll have to see one of these days. I learned a lot about bettas from taking care of Steve, and would love to do so again.

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