The Lonely Betta

In my comments on my last post, someone brought up getting a companion for Steve, wondering if he got lonely sometimes.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought the same. Doesn’t it get boring in there all alone? Sure, he can push his rocks around and dart around his tank to get my attention, but other than that, his life is pretty boring unless I tap on his glass. Shouldn’t he have a little friend?

Chances are, he would rip a new comer a new one.

The proper name for betta fish is “siamese fighting fish,” and for a reason. The males are extremely territorial and will get possessive over their space. As I mentioned before, if you hold a mirror up to a betta, he’ll puff to say “hey! Back off my turf!” (he’s too stupid to realize he’s arguing with himself).

However, they’re really only possessive with their own type or other fish that resemble them with long flowing fins, such as guppies. Fish that are notorious for nipping should also stay away from bettas unless they want to turn the tank into a WWE cage. So what’s left? A couple of creative options, depending on the temperament of the betta:



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